iPhone Photography Workshops

Introducing a unique personal training experience, tailored to your individual photographic skills and knowledge. Discover how to compose, capture, edit and publish stunning iPhone photographs. From inexperienced to advanced users, the workshops are tailored to suit your individual skill level and your personal photographic goals.

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Photograph © Phil Portus

Photograph © Phil Portus

I present lectures to photographic societies, art clubs, corporate, leisure and private events. These popular events include examples and real-time demos of techniques. Content is regularly refreshed to reflect latest hardware and software releases.
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Pixel Painted Art

I have taken photos all my life and I have created digital art for over twenty years. There is an overwhelming amount of creative possibilities in today's digital space. In particular, there has never been a more exciting, inspiring and empowering period in creative photo art.

The latest software advancements provide unique opportunities to combine photographic sources with creative art techniques. The opportunities to further express myself beyond the capture of a photograph is becoming more evident in a large amount of my work. 

Though my art is based on a photograph, I prefer creating an image from scratch and building textures from within rather than relying on automated computer algorithms decide the outcome. On a desktop device I mainly use Corel Painter whilst on an iPad or iPhone I will combine various 'painterly' apps.