Fort Myers Beach Sunset
Manchester Northern Quarter
US Highway 1 Key West
Sloppy Joes Key West
Manchester Canal Towpath
Rock Inn
Manchester Tram
Mount Snowdon North Wales
New Images, New Projects
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I can’t believe that 2014 has almost come and gone. The last twelve months have flown by and I’m eagerly looking ahead to 2015 with a number of projects and destinations in mind that will inspire my creative juices! In addition to creating ‘Pixel Painted’ art with the amazing Corel Painter, I am producing images that are captured with an iPhone that are gaining popularity with both critics and collectors.
Pixel Painted Art
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I refer to my images that I recreate sing brushstrokes and textures with software such as Corel Painter as 'Pixel Painted'. On these images I don't run one-stop painting filters or apps on the images, I prefer recreating the image from scratch and building textures from within rather than letting computer algorithms decide. > view images
2015 Events Just Announced
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I’m back on the road again in early 2015 with a number of appearances at North West clubs and societies. My ‘Pixel Painted Art' presentation has proved to be very popular and is always well received by photographic societies and art clubs. >more
Stockport Art Gallery
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I’m proud to be involved in projects with Stockport Art Gallery. A number of my articles and artist interviews currently feature on their website.
Digital Art - Amazingly talented digital artist Adrian McGarry (Dec 2012) Adrian McGarry who was born, raised and still lives in Manchester, a city in the North West of England, is a full-time professional graphic designer, web designer, marketing consultant, photographer and digital artist. An interview with journalist Lesley Lanir.
A Bloke and His Phone
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Mobile technology has changed the way I approach creative photography. I’ve found it very liberating to lose my bulky DSLR equipment and challenge myself to create images without the aid of long zoom lens and the insurance of RAW format.

Combined with the portability of a digital darkroom that can now sit on my mobile device, I can create, edit and share from within the very scene I am portraying. > view images
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