Apple To Combine iPhone, iPad, Mac Apps by 2021


Apple Inc. is reportedly planning to combine apps made for iPhone, iPad, and macOS by 2021. Bloomberg reports that Apple wants to make it easier for software developers to create universal tools, games and other applications for its main devices. The multistep initiative, code-named “Marzipan” aims that developers will be able to build an app once and have it work on the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers by 2021.

Later this year, Apple plans to let developers port their iPad apps to Mac computers via a new software development kit.

In 2020, Apple plans to expand the kit so iPhone applications can be converted into Mac apps in the same way.

By 2021, developers will be able to merge iPhone, iPad, and Mac applications into one app or what is known as a “single binary.”

Apple previewed the apps plan, without disclosing the road map, at its developers conference last year. Bloomberg News first wrote about the initiative in 2017.

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Apple is reportedly combining its iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps into single universal apps that will work across all three devices. Bloomberg reports that these universal apps will be ready for 2021, and that Apple plans to release an SDK for developers later this year

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