Will AppleLaunch a Foldable iPhone?

It’s well documented that Apple is interested in making a foldable phone. The company hold foldable phone patents for a hinged phone that can bend in half dating back to 2011. It's emerged that Apple has filed a patent for a foldable iPhone that heats itself to avoid damaging the screen.

Apple's Radical New iPhone Suddenly Takes Shape

Apple has already updated its iPhones twice in 2019. The first was planned , the second launched in outrage . But now the company is zeroing in on Huawei and Samsung's radical folding smartphones, as its most ambitious iPhone to date is taking shape...

Will Apple bend to the foldables trend?

In this week's Apple Core rundown, we'll take a look at how Apple fits into the foldable phone trend, the hurdles it has to clear to make an iPhone bend, and how soon the company could release a competitor to Samsung's Galaxy Fold.