iPhone Photography Workshop

A participant on my Manchester iPhone Workshop.

A participant on my Manchester iPhone Workshop.

Please Note: As of July 1st 2017, I will not be taking any further bookings

Most people carry a mobile device with them at all times and the iPhone is possibly the most used camera in the world. Smartphones have rapidly evolved into serious image capture devices and the opportunities for creative post production through inexpensive apps is constantly increasing. I have found mobile photography to be extremely liberating. Leaving bulky DSLR equipment to one side and embracing the world of iPhoneography has changed the way I approach creative imagery. 

Now you can learn to improve your smartphone photography with my iPhone Photography Workshops. These workshops are tailored to suit your individual skill level and your personal photographic goals. I share my knowledge, techniques and tips to help transform your photography. The workshops, lasting around 3 hours, are tailored to suit your individual skill level and your personal photographic goals. 

Manchester iPhone Workshop

My approach to the workshop is unique with the emphasis on a hands-on, fun experience. After a short introduction, we embark on a photowalk around Manchester UK (more locations available soon) where we explore both the iPhone's native camera functions and some additional image capture apps. This allows as much practical time as possible with your iPhone camera, learning new skills in a simple, non tech-jargon way.  

We will cover street photography, urban landscape and architectural subjects and improve your photography skills with good composition and use of available light. Image capture techniques including Long Exposure, HDR (High Dynamic Range), Depth of Field (utilising the new Portrait Mode on the iPhone 7 Plus) and RAW format will be explained and demonstrated.

Together, we review, then edit your images using the iPhone Photos app and a variety of editing apps. I will help you achieve enhanced results in your preferred style and examine alternative creative options.


The cost of the workshop is £75 (a £20 deposit is required the time of booking). Times and days of the week are flexible but are not available during evenings. 

New for 2017 - Add up to two additional participants with similar skill levels to yourself for ONLY £25 per person (£20 per person deposit required).

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A deposit of £20 per person is required before the workshop booking can be confirmed. The deposit will be deducted from the overall fee with the balance due on the day of the workshop. In the event that the workshop booking is cancelled by Adrian McGarry due to unforeseen circumstances the client will be reimbursed immediately. Should the client cancel the booking themselves for any reason then the deposit is forfeited and will not be refunded.