I am an iPhone Photographer and a creative photo artist. Born and raised in Manchester, UK, I now live in North Wales, enjoying coastal living and the endless photo opportunities that this wonderful region of natural beauty offers.

I present a programme of inspirational lectures, demonstrations and workshops to camera clubs, photographic societies, exhibitions, trade shows and corporate events. I am passionate about motivating others to take the next steps on their image-making journey. Read More





I create digital photo art employing the power and versatility of the very latest creative software on both desktop and mobile platforms. My art is based on photographic source; a transformation of one or more of my photos into a result that emulates traditional painting. I refer to these images as 'Pixel Painted'. I recreate each pixel in an image from scratch and build textures from within, rather than letting computer algorithms decide the outcome. The process is very similar to the way a traditional artist works. Presentations, demos and workshops are available.