Manchester's St. Patrick's Parade

Manchester Irish Festival Parade.jpg

An estimated 75,000 people, warmed by early Spring sunshine, lined the streets of Manchester for the 26th annual St. Patrick's parade as part of the city's 21st Irish Festival.

The two-mile route from the Irish World Heritage Centre in Cheetham Hill to Albert Square saw emerald clad community groups, animals and pipe bands take part in the celebratory procession.

Too good an opportunity to miss for great street photography and a happy celebration in the afternoon sun. All images shot on iPhone 6 Plus.  ©Adrian McGarry 2016.

Manchester St Patricks parade
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St Patricks Irish Parade Manchester by adrian McGarry
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St Pats 2016
Irish Festival 2016
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Irish Festival Parade Street Photography 2016
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2016 manchester festivals
2016 Manchester Parade
St Paricks Day 2016
St Pats Parade by Adrian McGarry iphone
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St Patricks by Adrian McGarry
The Lion, The Antelope and The Manchester Bee

The Lion, The Antelope and The Manchester Bee

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