Thinking of Upgrading to iPhone XR or XS?


Apple have unveiled three new 2018 iPhone models to replace the iPhone X. If you're considering upgrading to a shiny new device then these reviews may help your decision making. While the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are virtually the same, just in two different sizes, the iPhone XR is a cheaper, more colorful phone with a few compromises.

After spending a few weeks with the iPhone XR, I’ve decided to upgrade my iPhone X to the XS. The enhancements to the camera, especially in low-light, is enough to make me move. I found that I really missed the telephoto lens option, so that’s the main reason I’m not going for the excellent XR. Most of my ‘serious’ editing is done on an iPad Pro so I don’t need the extra screen size of the iPhone XS Max. I’m staying at 256gb storage as this has proved adequate on the iPhone X.

How do these new models fit the needs of photographers? Read on to find out more.